The Joostrap Multipurpose template is built for Joomla 3.x.x

This new site is rocking along on the new Joomla v3.2 Stable version, released on the 6th November.

It's a powerful MultiPurpose Joomla template, built with the latest Bootstrap v3 awesomeness and includes the following features:

  Bootstrap v3 integration -
  Full of Bootstrap v3 component goodness
  Totally responsive (RWD) layout and design
  Uses only core Joomla modules - i.e. mod-menu
  No 3rd party Joomla extensions required
  Easy to use templating parameter tools
  Easy customisation
  The latest FontAwesome v4 icon set -
  Great Paralllax functionlaity
  Sexy JavaScript animations
  Google font ready
  Beautiful clean classes and styling
  Most Importantly - no template framework bloat


  1. Joostrap is 'not' a framework and does not contain any framework bloat or complecated stucture.
  2. All Joostrap template use built-in template parameters to make life easier to add, changes or customise things.
screenshot multipurpose iphone